Pearl Water Launched Domestic RO Spare Category at New Year 2022
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With the aim of providing the best water treatment plants for more than 12 years in the market, Pearl Water has now become a brand in the water treatment industry that needs no explanation in terms of the quality and performance of water treatment plants.

In the last 12 years, the company has completed thousands of projects and still provides the best service to our customers. After achieving new targets every year Pearl Water is now ready to launch Domestic RO Spares on our Pearl Water E-Commerce website.

In the Domestic RO Spares, we have launched multiple categories like RO Membrane, Cartridge Filter, Sediment Filter, Carbon Filter, and many more.

In this blog, we are going to explain each category so that you can understand the working and importance of each product and know the reason why you should buy them.

Starting with Ro Membrane,

Ro Membrane: -
As we all know that RO Membrane is the most important part of the reverse osmosis system. RO Membrane is made of thin-film composite and has the ability to remove all types of sediments, dissolved solids, bacteria, viruses, and other harmful chemicals from water. Reverse Osmosis Membrane is designed to allow only water molecules to pass through it. Due to all these benefits, it is also called the “Heart of RO Plant”.

We have launched Domestic RO Membrane in two categories.
1. RO Membrane Classic – Working TDS up to 1500 PPM
2. RO Membrane Ultra – Working TDS up to 2500 PPM

Our Domestic RO Membrane has various features:-
It has a pore size of 0.0005 Micron and a total filtration capacity of 2500 GAL

You can order it from the link given below.
Link -
The next launched product is Cartridge Filter.
Cartridge Filter: -
This 10 Inch cartridge filter is used in every RO plant to remove dirt, dust, and other sediments from water. This cartridge filter not only removes sediments from water but also saves membranes from large-sized particles.
Pearl Water Cartridge Filter can remove particles up to 5 Micron. This 10 Inch cartridge filter can remove any foreign particles from water.
Order now from the link given below.
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3rd New Launched Product is Sediment Filter.
Sediment Filter:-
  Sediment Filter creates a barrier against all sediments and dissolved solids. It holds many physical impurities like dust, dirt, and clay.
Pearl Water Sediment Filter is available in multiple variants based upon their total service life.
Pearl Water Classic Sediment Filter – Service Life (3-4 Months)
Pearl Water Ultra Sediment Filter – Service Life (4-6 Months)
Pearl Water Crystal Sediment Filter – Service Life (6-9 Months)
You can order from the given link.
4th Launched Product is RO Candle or MLT Filter.
RO Candle / MLT Filter: -
RO candle is the upgrade version of the cartridge filter. This MLT filter has a service life of 2-3 times as compared to a normal cartridge filter. This 9-inch cartridge filter is made from polypropylene wounded threads. These threads are covered with a cloth filter. Activated Carbon is sprayed in the cloth to give the best performance.
Pearl Water RO Candle is properly sealed to avoid any leakage while filtering.
Order now from the given link.
Our Final Launch Category is Carbon Filter
Carbon Filter:-
  Carbon filter is used in RO Plant to remove impurities, odor, chlorine as well as to enhance the taste of drinking water. As water passes through the carbon filter, carbon granules absorb all the impurities along with chemical compounds and bad taste. Most carbon filters are made of coconut shells. The activated carbon filter is created by heating material at 1000°C in the absence of oxygen. After that carbon is subjected to 1500°C steam to “Activate” the carbon.
Pearl Water Carbon Filter is available in multiple variants.
Pearl Water Classic Carbon Filter – Service Life (3-4 Months)
Pearl Water Ultra Carbon Filter – Service Life (4-6 Months)
Pearl Water Crystal Carbon Filter – Service Life (6-9 Months)
You can order them according to your need from the given link.
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