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Pearl Water technologies Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of efficient and premium quality water and wastewater treatment plants in India. Since 2010, we are providing ISO certified water treatment and wastewater treatment plants to various industries in India as well as foreign countries. Our company has a major manufacturing facility in Gurgaon that serves the Indian market along with other Asian countries.

Due to economies expanding rapidly, we have seen the demand for our products and growth in our business, since our inception. We have served our customers very well in the traditional format of business i.e., offline.

We are passionate about our water treatment products and service, and in order to move forward and give a better shopping experience for our customers, we have launched an e-commerce website.

Our E-Commerce Website

Introducing, our newly launched e-commerce platform which features hundreds of water and WasteWater treatment plants, equipment and related accessories manufactured by Pearl Water Technologies Pvt. Ltd. which we will sell directly to the end-user organization in India and abroad.

Our platform enables comparison shopping and quick online purchasing without middle-market delays at most affordable cost. We have designed our platform in such a way that our customers can enjoy purchasing from a highly accessible, cost effective, efficient and secure-to-make-transactions e-commerce website. e-commerce website’s features

Our launch of a new e-commerce website will enable our customers to buy our full line of products online. Our in-house expertise has created an excellent user-interface which will give our customers a smooth and hassle-free purchase experience. has easy-to-navigate products and information tabs, which will facilitate our website visitors to access transparent information about the products, it’s description, features, specifications, costs and reviews. It even contains blogs containing in-depth information about various water treatment product’s functionality, its use, how it works, etc. so that our visitors can get a wholistic knowledge about the products they are looking forward to buy. There is a separate tab for accessories which enables our customers to shop a variety of spare parts for their water treatment plants like Industrial RO & Water Softners.

In short, our e-commerce website comprises an inventory of all the different water treatment and wastewater treatment plants, equipment and accessories which will solve the water problem of various industries.

Our Best Customer Service Approach

Like any other e-commerce website, our customers can add to cart the products they want to purchase. They need to create an account on our platform and login to complete the transaction.

Our customer database is kept confidential and transactions are conducted securely through advanced encryption technology.

All orders are supported by an advanced online customer service tracking feature by our Customer Service Group.

Our customers can send installation requests on the go without any hassle. If required, they can even register a complaint. We will get in touch with them in less than 12 hours with a suitable solution to their request.

With our initiative, we are aiming to increase our already-substantial water technology business in this high-demand market.

We are expecting a strong initial success of our e-commerce website launch as it will serve our existing customers more effectively and efficiently, parallelly broadening our customer base in India and other Asian countries. We even anticipate that Pearl Water will be a major player in the water treatment and wastewater industry meeting the increasing demand for water treatment products and information.