What is ETP(Effluent Treatment plant) Plant and how does it Work?
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What is an ETP(Effluent Treatment Plant)? How does it work?

ETP is one of the best Waste Water treatment process. Effluent treatment plant clean industrial waste water in order to reuse the water for additional purposes. It is mainly used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, textiles and chemical where there is a chance of extreme water contamination.
  • Influent: Untreated industrial wastewater.
  • Effluent: Treated industrial wastewater.
  • Sludge: Solid part separated from waste water by ETP.

What are the benefits of Effluent Treatment Plant?
ETP Plant plays a great role in treating industrial waste water as well as sewage generated from households. It saves your money by recycling the waste water that reduces the usage of fresh water in industries and also save our planet by removing unsafe chemicals from water.
What are the processes involved in the working of Effluent treatment plant?
The process involved in ETP plant may vary slightly at different locations.Depending upon the waste water and technology of the plant but the basic principles are same.

PH Control:-According to bureau of Indian standards(BIS)PH value of effluent should be lies between 5.5-9.0

  • To adjust the PH of waste water PH Neutralization Agents are added;
  • For acidic waste(Low PH):- Bases are used to adjust PH
  • For alkali waste(High PH):-Acids are used to adjust PH

Coagulation:-In this process, liquid aluminium sulphate is added to untreated water. After mixing, this causes tiny particles of dirt to stick together. This group of particle form larger and heavier particles, which is easily removed by settling and filtration.

Sedimentation:-In this process water moves slowly, causing the heavy particle to settle to the bottom. The particles that collect at the bottom is called sludge.

Filtration:-Water flow through a filter designed to remove particles. The filters are made of layers of sand and gravel. These filters routinely need to be cleaned by backwashing.

Disinfection:- Water is disinfected before it enter into the distribution system. Chlorine is used to disinfect the water from contamination.

Sludge Drying:-Solids that are collected and settled down by sedimentation are moved to drying beds.

Need Of ETP Plant
  • To reduce the usage of Fresh water in Companies
  • To Clean industry effluent and reuse it
  • To cut expenditure on Water Procurement.
  • To make environment safe against pollution or contribute in Sustainable development.

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